Common Mistakes A Yoga Studio Owner Makes

Does anyone of you remember the first time you started your Yoga Workshop? The excitement that lingered on, the continuous phone calls, the queries, or someone walking into your room asking various questions. Do you really remember? Good to know that you finally found a profession that suites your passion and moreover that is a service to others.

In this article I would like to share some of the common mistakes that most of the studio owners make. If you have fallen prey to these its time for you to solve it, and if not, make sure you don’t fall into it.

Mistake 1: DO NOT BE IN A RUSH: Many of the studio owners are in a rush to start and promote their workshops. Keep this in mind that business, whatsoever it is, takes time. You cannot sleep and then become a flourishing business overnight. The perfect solution for you is to ask someone else who has become successful in their own. Think about holiday promotions a month back and not at the last minute. This can help in long term planning.

Mistake 2: DO NOT BE DRIVEN BY EMOTIONS, USE YOUR LOGIC: Sometimes you get so emotionally attached to a plan that you forget what you really wanted to do. That is a usual feeling that newcomers have. But keep in mind you are starting a business not some charity. You are doing it to earn some money. So go by your head not your heart. When we get emotionally driven in our business we lose our focus and our strengths become our weakness. Self confidence goes down. A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS IS DRIVEN BY FACTS AND NOT EMOTIONS.

Mistake 3: RUNNING OUT OF CASH: This is the most common mistake that a person makes. They start a business and then leave it mid way because they do not have enough money to carry it ahead. The best way to avoid lat minute rush is to plan. Plan ahead. For example if you plan to start a yoga workshop think about the various materials and equipments needed. If your budget says $20000, see that you have at least $30000. It is better to have extra cash with you in case of last minute rush. If you do this you can even recover back at least 2/3rd of your expenses when your students join you.

Mistake 4: DO NOT BE OBSESSED WITH YOURSELF OR THE SERVICES YOU PROVIDE: You should let go of your obsessions with certain products or services. You should learn to meet your customers satisfaction and not your own. If your client says that he wants a particular service, make sure you serve him. Customer satisfaction should be your priority if you want to your workshop to be one of the best.

Always remember it is your customer or your students who indirectly promote your business and not you.Keep all these common mistakes in mind and make sure that you do not fall prey to it.8 out of 10 small business fail due to this. Read blogs and online stuff to help you. Ask a mentor or any experienced person to help you out. I myself am running a very successful Yoga Workshop. Found it a bit difficult in the beginning but since I was well aware of the common mistakes could overcome all the obstacles.

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