Common Mistakes to Avoid During Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is relatively easier and effective means of cutting out metals perfectly as desired. The cut you will get from a plasma cutter can not be compared with any other kind as it is simple as well as efficient and is it suitable for hobby cutters as well as professionals. You can find a listing of a few common mistakes that can be avoided while doing plasma cutting in this article. Read on to keep away from the mistakes without difficulty along with mastering the art of plasma cutting.

The first notable mistake is using the consumable until it blows. See the used parts bucket you have and you will find that a lot of parts must have run to failure. If you feel that you are saving money without changing consumables as need in a regular interval, then it means you are making ways for more loss. If you keep the consumable till it blows fully then you are actually spoiling the finish of the cut and wasting a good piece of metal. This mistake will pull you towards failure of your expensive torch and increase unnecessary down time, which will be obviously costlier than changing a small consumable regularly when needed. Using badly worn consumables can not only ruin a good piece of metal, it can cause expensive torch failures and unnecessary down time. We can avoid mistakes like running the parts to failure easily. An experienced or skilled person can easily find out if a consumable is worn-out with its sound and even the color of the arc can tell you than the consumable needs to be changed. However careful or experienced you are, it’s very important to make a periodical check to make sure everything is perfect and good going. Changing the consumables is very important in marinating the machine’s condition as well as to give out the best cut the machine is capable of. Same ways other parts like shields and Gas swirlers also require regular examination and must be changed.

The next big mistake that is most common is when you use the wrong parameters and Parts that is needed for the cut. Selecting a consumable plays an important role in giving out a good clean cut. You must know to select the right kind of consumable according to the type of the material as well as its thickness, amperage and plasma gas that must be used to get a perfect cut. When you use the wrong consumable it will lead to damages in the machine’s part and decrease the quality of the cut. You will have to regularly check for gas and proper coolant flow if you need your plasma cutter to do its work perfectly and stay for a long time without any problem. Make sure that you check the flows as well as pressure of gas and coolant every time before you start your work. Remember that insufficient supply and improper flow of coolant will not cool the consumable properly.

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